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You’re Not a Raw Foodist? Perfect! You don’t have to be

Posted by Fran Asaro on

This is not a raw food site!

I created Thriving Raw-ish for people who are looking to create a healthier lifestyle but find it boring, too much work or just plain foreign. They just don’t know what products and services are around. I myself have been vacillating from Raw vegan to Mac N Cheese for years. I haven’t gotten it exactly ‘right’ for my vision yet. I figured there had to be others who go back and forth and get frustrated. Hopefully you will feel at home and supported here.

I discovered the raw food community a few years back and while I love the concept and every single time I go raw I feel like Bradley Cooper in Limitless (if you haven’t seen the movie, he takes a pill and he gets full use of his brain and accomplishes many things). With that said, I am not pushing the raw food diet, I am here to encourage introducing at your pace, better foods and hopefully some of it will be raw. One raw meal per day will allow your body to rest from the stress of digesting cooked and processed foods. Besides, raw food provides enzymes to help your body heal and cooked foods do not have them.

What I do, and I hope I can inspired others to do the same, is to find a plan that works for you. Whatever it is and call it ‘home’. We will sway from our plan for sure. But if you remember that you once called it ‘home’, it just might trigger you to revisit it during those times when you have over-done your eating or neglected your self-care. When I put on weight, feel sluggish or have brain fog, I know my home plan takes me to better place quickly and efficiently.

When I started this site it was to provide tools, resources and services to seekers of a better way. I prepared a navigation blog so that you can get a feel for the collaborative concept that we are trying to create. We welcome your thoughts and ideas as to how this site can serve you better.

Thank you for being here and remember to Take a look at:

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