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Economy, Light-Weight Neti Pot | Handy, Compact & Travel Friendly-White (2 Pcs (White + Blue))

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Brand: SoulGenie


  • Non-Fragile Pocket Size Neti Pot: Made of White Virgin Plastic; Strong & Durable - Inert to salts
  • Good Seal, Conical Shape Nose Tip : Tapered in design, Fits snugly within nostrils of any size ; Controls water drip
  • Holds sufficient 250ml water for nasal wash; Easy Grip indents on either side for firmer grip during wash
  • Transparent to see liquid levels; Smooth edges -Leaves with no cuts and nicks; Pocket size for anywhere use
  • Very handy to keep you protected from sinus allergies, flu and infections during travel

Publisher: soulgenie

Details: When we are travelling we are exposed to conditions where we face pollution and stress. To combat such problems and travel without worries this PLASTIC NETI POT is all you need. Travel purpose, plastic neti pot provides instant relief from nasal issues, sinus cure, stress and headache. It is a pocket friendly item which is really handy and compact in size. It is very easy to carry while travelling. Being made of virgin white plastic, it is see through and anti-fragile. It is highly durable with strong design and nose snout. It gives 100% Safe Nasal wash. Just add Jala Neti salt in water and you are ready for Neti process. Neti salts are necessary for this process for proper nasal cleansing. Rinse Pot thoroughly before and after use everytime.

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